welcome to Adarsh Medical College of Pharmacy Taranagar

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Mr. Kuldeep

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you to the virtual tour of our medical college.

We take pride in our infrastructural facilities, teaching faculty, student and staff support systems and excellent teaching and learning environment, for all round development of our students.

In the rapidly changing medical education scenario and health care delivery systems, along with the growth and development in information and communication technology, medical education has become more dynamic than ever before. In this dynamic environment our endeavour is to make our students competent, confident, self-reliant, lifelong learners ready for change. Our focus is on student centric learning. We follow the adult learning principals in imparting knowledge to our students the focus is on higher levels of learning, comprehension, analysis and application of knowledge. Our emphasis is on developing the right attitude and approach towards patient.

Mr. Kuldeep Singh


To achieve this end, the Adarsh Medical college of Pharmacy has an excellent strategic plan, one that builds on the legacy of success provided by the Adarsh Medical College in providing quality education to the country and combining academic excellence with an unprecedented commitment to innovation, quality and service so that each constituent college of the Adarsh Medical College is the best amongst its peers and is recognized as such.

We are happy to say that the Adarsh Medical college of Pharmacy has focused its attention on key priorities:

  • Develop Adarsh Medical college of Pharmacy into the national`s premier institution in the area of health care to provide a globally competent workforce.
  • Develop resources required for pharmacy excellence.
  • Accelerate Internationalization in a responsible manner through continued excellence and international partnership in pharmacy profession.
  • With the help of our dedicated, talented faculty and staff, Board of Management and others, we are confident Saint Soldier college of Pharmacy will succeed.
  • This is your Adarsh Medical college of Pharmacy and the legacy of greatness that we must carry forward belongs to our future generations

Mr. Anil Lamba

Managing Director (M.D)

Mr. Anil Lamba, an administrator, an educator by profession persistently works towards the goals, mission, vision and the organizational structure of Adarsh Mahila Shikshan Sansthan Taranagar with effective and constructive thinking and rapid decision making concerning priorities, he helps the Adarsh Medical College of Pharmacy not only to adapt to changes but to accommodate innovation. He consults all the stake holders before making a decisions; it makes academic and professional staff feel involved, which cements their commitment to the organization. Strategic vision combined with professional skills, expertise in resource management and credibility with the academic and research community, as a Transformational Leader.

Mr. Anil Lamba, Adarsh Medical College of Pharmacy Taranagar is a confident and enthusiastic leader who believes in the importance of communication and working cooperatively to build positive relationships with staff and students. A strategic thinker, effective decision maker with a proven capacity to be innovative and responsive, who seeks opportunities and embrace change.

Mr. Anil Lamba